• SERENGETI® Signature Hinge
    Our most innovative hinge yet features lost-wax casting, an intricate method of craftsmanship used in the making of fine jewelry and art. It’s a process that requires the use of only the finest metals and alloys. The Signature Hinge is beautifully crafted of copper beryllium and engineered with screws that are exceptionally strong and secure. Hinge components are created by lost-wax casting, also known as cire pirdue, a 5,000-year-old process used to craft intricate works of jewelry and art. Its use dates back to ancient Rome and Egypt. The specially engineered screw is superior to traditional screws, thanks to its durable stainless steel construction and Torx.
  • Hinge
    Our premium spring hinges allow temples to gently hug any face shape for a custom fit. The Internal Spring Hinge features a spring-hinge mechanism, carefully concealed inside the temple. The Mono Block Spring Hinges are crafted from a single component with no soldering of parts creating superior durability.
  • Wire-Flex
    Designed to bend to the contours of your face, Wire-Flex features a flexible and strong blend of nickel, silver and stainless steel. The result is a comfortable fit that feels truly customized. Wire-Flex is featured within styles in the Flex Series.
  • S-Flex™
    The revolutionary S-Flex design employs a mix of monel and beta titanium metals for a durable, lightweight frame. The "S"-shaped temple design provides a snug fit and unparalleled comfort. S-Flex is featured within styles in the Flex Series.
  • Adjustable, Optical Nose Pads and Temple Tips
    Nose pads can be adjusted to fit every nose bridge comfortably, and adjustable temple tips allow for a snug fit behind the ears. The Megol nose pads and temple tips absorb moisture, keeping frames securely in place. Our silicone nose pads are adjustable for a comfortable fit. The Acetate temples are pliable when warmed, allowing for a more customized fit.
  • Trivex®
    At half the weight of other sunglasses, Trivex perfectly combines the performance demands of adventurous travelers with true all-day comfort. It’s all thanks to nitrogen infusion, which allows the material to comfortably conform to your head without degradation, while also accommodating a wide range of colors and styles. Trivex is featured within styles in the Genus Collection.
  • Nylon
    Using only the highest-quality injected nylon for superior durability, these fashionable frames have the added benefit of being exceptionally light, chemically resistant, extremely flexible and comfortable. Nylon is featured within styles in the Classic, Cosmopolitan and Serengeti® Sport Series.
  • Acetate
    All natural and produced from cotton, Cellulose Acetate is not only lightweight, but it can be made into beautiful patterns and brilliant hues. Pliable when heated, it is ideal for custom fitting. Acetate is featured within styles in the Cosmopolitan Series.
  • Titanium
    Beta Titanium is lightweight, strong, highly flexible and ideal for use in temples because it expands the fit range of the sunglass. So you’re not only ensured a durable pair of glasses, but also a comfortable, secure and customized fit. Titanium is featured within styles in the Classic Series.
  • Titanium/Acetate
    Titanium frames are 25% lighter than traditional alloys with unmatched durability. The technical benefits of titanium and rich sophisticated aesthetic of acetate make for a frame collection that is truly distinguished. Titanium/Acetate is featured within styles in the Flex and Cosmopolitan Series.
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