24h Le Mans Limited Edition

Durability meets lightweight flexibility in the Nuvola. The rimless design gently rests upon your brow and maintains an ultra-clear field of vision thanks to the photochromic Polar PhD lenses.
Fit: Medium
Frame Features: Megol Temple Tips and Nose Pads
Lens Size: 61 x 37 x 63mm, 15mm dbl
Temple Length: 132mm
Base Curve: 8 Rx

  • 7718
    Shiny Black
    Polar PhD 555nm

  • 7360
    Shiny Brown
    Polar PhD Drivers

  • 7359
    Shiny Black
    Polar PhD CPG

  • 8446
    Satin Black
    Polar PhD 555

  • 8447
    Sanded Dark Grey
    Polar PhD CPG

  • 8697
    Satin Black
    PhD Polarized 555nm Blue